​The Family Cornerstone

Martial Arts

Teaching Philosophy

Despite the historical ties between “traditional” martial arts and eastern religions, the training of the Martial Arts has always pushed me to draw closer to God.  As we seek mastery of self, we can only achieve that by subjugation of self (pride/ego) and that can only be achieved by realizing that we are a dependent being.  Therefore the goal of this school will be to help students overcome the flesh, to grow spiritually, and connect with Jesus Christ as our savior.  The school will utilize training in the Martial Arts as the medium.

Instructor's Note

Our Mission​

First and foremost our goal is to support the faith of followers in Christ by encouraging a fellowship of believers and by strengthening them physically, mentally and spiritually.  Additionally, we will seek to open the “door” of discussion through our deeds/actions to nonbelievers by striving to allow Christ to live through us and in us. 

The study of the martial arts is not a static destination that should be limited by obtaining a certain rank or learning a set of techniques.  Rather it is a quest of life long learning, development of personal skill and spiritual growth.  

There is a strong emphasis on student directed learning and the development of effective tactics for the individual.  Instruction will be concise and simple.  Students are expected to expand their knowledge through reading and observing other styles and/or schools.  Teachers should be viewed as the facilitator of learning rather than the purveyor of all knowledge.